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Naturally Yours

Celebrating the healing power of natural botanicals in their safest and purest form. Sourced with great care and scientifically formulated, Botanica Culture products are proven to significantly benefit your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Created by Nature. Crafted by Scientists

Tri Sekar


Indonesia-born Tri has an insider’s knowledge of personal care products. Over two decades in Asia as a chemist for multinational companies she saw what was in commercial products and how toxic, and sometimes ineffective, these ingredients can be. In Singapore, Tri became a certified aromatherapist with a passion for the healing power of plant-based products. In 2011, she and Ubbo co-founded Botanica Culture, where every product is completely natural, safe and effective.

Ubbo von Oehsen


Ubbo has lived and worked in Asia for more than 20 years, after beginning his career as a lecturer at a German university. As a chemical engineer, he was an expert in managing chemical plants, products and processes, including leading a team of chemists developing personal care products. For Ubbo, being the co-founder of Botanica Culture is the opportunity of a lifetime, where he can combine his attention to detail and quality with a passion for natural, sustainable solutions.

It all started with a problem

As chemists with years of experience developing and testing products, and managing large teams in multinational companies, we were used to solving complex problems. But this problem was more personal – Tri struggled with serious mouth issues: bleeding, swollen gums and tooth decay.


Chemicals aren't the answer

Chemicals aren’t the answer

We began to suspect the harsh chemicals found in regular oral care products, and driven by our growing discontent with the chemical industry, we used our knowledge and research experience to find a solution that could fully heal Tri’s teeth and was free from toxic ingredients, using only the power of plants.

From Nature to lab

From Nature to the Lab

Like all good scientists, we experimented. With Tri as the subject, we conducted our own clinical trial: analysing, mixing and testing a wide range of pure organic essential oils until we had formulated a safe, effective blend that healed Tri’s gum issues for good.

Botanica Culture is Born

Botanica Culture is born

This special solution became our first product, Oral Botanica — born from a real problem and solved with rigorous science, using the power of natural botanicals. This approach is behind every product we create and every decision we make.

We have one goal in mind: to create better, simpler, cleaner products with unmatched quality, safety and efficacy.

We source the purest ingredients, apply cutting-edge science to give you the best daily-care solutions.”

~Tri and Ubbo

Tri and Ubbo

Our Values

Hunting For the Best

As globe-trotters, we love to track down the highest quality ingredients from the most pristine areas. Our raw materials are sourced solely from trustworthy and eco-conscious companies, and are pesticide and chemical-free. We analyse all raw materials again in our own lab to make sure that every ingredient is what it claims to be. We only use ingredients we can guarantee are 100 per cent natural and organic.

Hunting for the best

Experience that Matters

We have decades of experience in product development and the chemical industry. As chemists, we are obsessed with product safety and performance, and the highest quality standards. Finding exactly what the body, mind and soul need to function best is an intricate process that we have honed over many years.

Experience that matters

You First, Always

Botanica Culture exists because you believe in us and trust us to create products that make a difference to your lives. Your needs, constructive feedback and requests guide us in every decision and choice we make. And we are always available to answer your queries and make sure your journey with Botanica Culture is both healing and rewarding.

You always first

Safety and Efficacy — Every Day

Our passion for safe ingredients drives our product selection and our approach to what we do. You can confidently use our products every day and trust that they are completely safe and effective. We meticulously test every product on ourselves to make sure it’s perfect before we bring it to you.

Safety and Efficacy

Naturally Yours

We take “natural” seriously. Our products are made from food-grade ingredients and are free from SLS, pesticides, fluoride, synthetic perfumes and petrochemicals.  We are convinced that many of the best cures are found in nature.

Naturally Yours

Multi-Functional Care

The beauty of natural products is that every ingredient offers a huge range of benefits. You can use each of our products in a variety of ways: our Oral Botanica Classic is also a mouth wash and can even be put on cuts. Many of our products can used topically, in a diffuser or taken internally — better for the purse and the planet.


Our Commitment


We test our formulations until we can guarantee they work. We only produce and sell products that do exactly what they say they will.

100% Organic

Our ingredients are certified by ECOCERT®, Australian Certified Organic and USDA Organic.

No Synthetic Chemicals

Our products are free from toxic chemicals such as SLS, PEG, fluoride, aluminium and parabens.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Our products are never tested on animals – we love them too much.


We believe less is more. Many of our products have multiple functions — better for the planet, and your purse.

Giving back

We support people in need and organisations protecting our environment and its creatures.

Unsurpassed Hygiene

Our products come pharmaceuticalgrade bottles that protect your health.

Rigorous quality control

We retest all ingredients in our own lab to ensure they are authentic and not adulterated.

Carefully chosen suppliers

We source only from responsible suppliers who are aligned with our values and are committed to sustainable, organic farming.

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