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Botanica Culture Care Club

 Join our membership programme and save more by collecting points!

Thank you for being a loyal Botanica Culture customer! We have designed our membership programme, Botanica Culture Care Club, to reward you for shopping with us
and helping to spread the word about our natural wellness products. Signing up is simple and your savings add up right away.


How It Works


Sign up and get exclusive perks and discounts.



Collect points every time you shop or connect with us!




Redeem points and enjoy special discounts.

Ways to Earn Points

Collect points to enjoy discounts on your purchases.*

Every 100 points = S$ 1 discount

*Keep adding points to enjoy larger discounts every time you buy Botanica Culture products.

100 Points

Account creation
You gain points as a welcome gift from us once you sign up!

Every S$ purchase = 1 point

Spend more to gain more points.*
Buy our products and collect points to enjoy a discount on your next purchases!
*Points are not earned during a sale or promotion

100 Points

Write us a product review.**
Tell us about the positive experience you have had with our products!

200 Points

Write a testimonial and let us know.**
Share your product experiences by tagging us on
Instagram or Facebook. You can also drop us a message or email.

200 points

Refer a friend.
Earn points when you refer a friend and they create an account!

100 points

Celebrating your birthday month!
For Gold and Diamond Members,
you’ll get points during your birthday month as a gift from us!

**Reviews and Testimonials are subject to our approval.

Membership Levels

Spend more to upgrade your membership levels to enjoy even bigger discounts!
Create an account to start saving more today!


Everyone starts at this level as they
create an account


Collect 800 points and you
will be automatically be upgraded to Gold.
Your membership expires after 12 months.

100 points on your birthday month

Product discount of 2%


Collect 1200 points and you
will be automatically be upgraded to Diamond.
Your membership expires after 12 months.

100 points on your birthday month

Product discount of 5%

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member of Botanica Care Club (BCC)?

    Just create an account on our website! As soon as you set up your account, you become a Botanica Care Club member. You also automatically earn your first 100 points as soon as you join. You’ll earn additional points for every purchase you make and for each bonus action you take.

  • How does upgrading to Gold or Diamond membership work?

    You are automatically upgraded to Gold or Diamond membership once you have accumulated the required points for each membership level.

    Redeeming points does not count towards the total accumulated points you have in order to upgrade.
    If you wish to upgrade your membership, then you must earn enough points to reach the next membership level.

  • How do I check my points and membership?

    You can check your points and membership on your My Account page.

    To see your points and membership details:

    1. Go to My Account on the upper-right corner of the website next to the Shopping Cart icon.
    2. Go to Points. You can see your Points and Membership details on this page.
  • How do I use my Points?

    Step 1

    • On the check out page, look for the “Apply Points” input box and button near your cart items. Make sure you are logged in to your account to view how many points you have.
    • Input the number of points you wish to use then tap on “Apply Points” button. You cannot go beyond the number of points you have available to apply for the discount.


    Step 2

    • Once applied it will reflect on your cart total of how much the discount is according to your points you input (100 points = $1)
    • You can remove or change how much points you will use if you wish in the “Apply Points” input box.
    • If your satisfied with the points you want to use; you can tap “Proceed to checkout” to go to the checkout page with the points applied to your cart.


    Step 3

    • In the Checkout page, you can still check if the points have been applied under the Your Order section.
    • You can also remove the points discount if you want, however you must go back to the Cart page to re-input points again to apply any discount.


    • If your satisficed with your order, tap on the “Place Order” button to proceed to payment
  • Where can I find my referral link?

    You can find your referral link on your My Account page.

    To see your referral link:

    1. Go to My Account on the upper-right corner of the website next to the Shopping Cart icon.
    2. Go to Points. You can see your Referral Link in this page.
  • How do I earn points when I refer a friend?

    When you refer a friend to BCC, you earn points as soon as they click on your referral link and make a new account on our website.

    To get the referral points:

    1. Your friend must click on your referral link to start the process. This will link to the website.
    2. Go to My Account on the upper-right corner of the website next to the Shopping Cart icon.
    3. Your friend must Register for a new account.
    4. Once registered, you will get your referral points.
  • How do I earn points from my purchases?

    You earn 1 point for every S$1 spent on online purchases from our web store (not for retail purchases). Points earned are based on your Order subtotal, excluding discounts and shipping fees.

  • Will my BCC membership level ever be downgraded?

    For Pearl members: Your BCC membership tier will never expire.

    For Gold and Diamond members: Your BCC membership tier will expire after 12 months from the day you  upgraded to that tier.


    • If your points still meet the requirements for a membership tier, your membership will refresh a day after the expiration date. If your points do not meet the requirements then your tier will be downgraded (if you are a higher tier) or expire as normal.
  • When will my BCC points expire?

    Your points will never expire. Use them as you earn them or save them up for a larger purchase in the future. It’s up to you!

  • Will my points be deducted if I ask for a refund on my purchase?

    Yes, your points will be deducted.

  • Can I combine points from multiple accounts into a single account?

    Points from different accounts cannot be combined and are not transferable.

  • Can I earn points when I buy Botanica Culture products from stockists or retail stores?

    Unfortunately not. You only earn points when you purchase via the Botanica Culture website, botanicaculture.com.

  • How can I get my Birthday points?

    You receive your Birthday points when you set this up in your Account details. You will be given the points on your birthday month.

    To setup your birthday details:

    1. Go to My Account on the upper-right corner of the website next to the Shopping Cart icon.
    2. Go to Account Details then go to the Date of Birth data field.
    3. Set your Date of Birth. Take note that once your birthday is set up you cannot edit it further.
  • What is a successful referral?

    A successful referral occurs when a referred friend creates a BCC membership account. Once your friend has created his account you will receive the points.

  • Who can be a referred friend?

    A referred friend must be a new customer who has not previously purchased products from the Botanica Culture website. 

    The referred friend and the referrer cannot be the same person. The referred friend must have a different email address and different billing and shipping information to the referrer.

    The referrer must know the referred friend as a friend, family member or relative.

    A referral can be rejected if we identify dishonest acts or violations of the BCC membership programme, such as creating fake accounts and/or duplicate accounts.

  • What happens if Botanica Culture changes the terms of the BCC programme?

    Botanica Culture has the right to change the terms and conditions and/or terminate the BCC programme with three months’ notice.

    This loyalty program starts on August 28, 2021.

    The Botanica Culture Care reward system does not apply to our stockists/distributors.

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