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  • Chai Chuan

    Few weeks ago, I got a chance to try out Activated Black Seeds Oil and oral botanical product. In just 1-2weeks time, I can see the stubborn spots of my feet are healing well.  The psoriasis condition of flaky skin and redness reduced drastically. It definitely helped my body to transform into a healthier body and boost my immune system. 

    I am a victim of psoriasis for almost 20years. Throughout the year, I tried out many different methods to heal my psoriasis, from western medication, Chinese medication, even with doing super clean diet it just never heals completely. 

    After many years of using tropical cream, my body was badly affected by the side effect of steroid. I decided to stop using them second half of 2020 and start my healing journey with eating vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free diet, exercise and meditate. The healing process wasn’t really stable, sometimes it flares and sometimes it improved by a little. With the help of Activated Black Seeds oil, I’m confident that I can heal my psoriasis through healing my guts and boost my immune system. I am thankful and blessed enough to get to know Botanica Culture products in my healing journey!

  • Billy Lantang

    I was diagnosed with leukaemia and needed six chemotherapies. My body was very weak after first chemotherapy, my immune system was at the lowest point. Luckily my wife met her friend and she blessed me with one bottle Activated Black Seed Oil and Oral Botanica. I took Activated Black Seed Oil from Botanica Culture 24 hours after the second chemotherapy and also Oral Botanica to maintain my oral hygiene.

    I noticed my body did not suffer so much as the first chemo and the doctor was amazed with my development. Eventually, I could shorten my chemo to only four times instead of six cycles, which was planned. I am so grateful I am free from cancer and I take Activated Black Seed oil daily to boost my immunity. I want to recommend all of you to take Activated Black Seed oil for boosting immunity and Oral Botanica to replace your toothpaste. Thank you so much Botanica Culture for inventing these wonderful products. Please keep continue your work.

  • Yetty

    I was diagnosed with TB few months ago. My cough was very bad. It is my habit to do yoga on daily basis. With my cough I could not move my chest. A friend of mine blessed me with a bottle of Activated Black Seed oil. Every day I noticed improvements, I could do yoga again without difficulties after few days taking Activated Black Seed oil. It is amazing product.

  • Jessica Yeo

    Thank you for the whitener and I can see the result even after 1 brush. Pic 1 shows the original condition (with all the yucky stains). Pic 2 is after the first brush. After continuous use only for a couple of days, the teeth is so much cleaner in Pic 4. Wonderful product! Saves lot of dollars going to dentist!

  • Kenny

    Stains in my teeth are due to acid reflux and I hate to go to dentist. After using Oral Botanica Whitener for one week, all the stubborn stains gone. I am very impressed with the results. Thank you Botanica Culture.

  • Ria

    Just want to share with you that my friend’s sister in law suffered from thyroid gland problem and her oncologist advised her for surgery. She has postponed it and she has been taking Activated Black Seed for almost 3 months. She checked her thyroid regularly, and her doctor said her thyroid is getting smaller every week. She does not need surgery and she is now completely healed. She asked me to share this with you.

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