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9 Ways To Use Frankincense For Your Skin

Sep 28, 2021

Frankincense. Even the name sounds exotic. If you performed in a Christmas nativity play as a kid, you’ll definitely recall that it was one of the gifts the three wise men brought to baby Jesus. So frankincense has been something special for quite a while indeed and it’s easy to find 9 ways to use Frankincense for your skin.

Why Frankincense for baby Jesus?

Frankincense is the gummy white sap from an exotic-sounding tree, the Boswellia Carterii. This gooey stuff may not seem exciting but it has a magical aroma and once it hardens into a resin, it can be scraped off to become an incense or transformed into an essential oil using steam distillation.

You can only find Boswellia Carterii trees in the Arabian Peninsula and Northeast Africa, and it takes about ten years for each tree to produce its sap.

This precious liquid should only be harvested a couple of times a year, when incisions are made in the bark allowing the sap to bubble out like liquid pearls. This is why for much of history, frankincense was in short supply and high demand — as rare and valuable as gold.


What was (and is) the big deal about frankincense?

The name frankincense comes from an old French term, franc encens, meaning “high-quality incense” and its fragrant perfume has been used for medicinal, religious and social purposes from as early as 1,500 BC.

Frankincense was probably first burned for its antiseptic, insect-repelling qualities but over time its other-worldly fragrance made it ideal for ceremonies: weddings, childbirth and funerals, when pieces of the resin would be burnt. People also used the resin as a hair oil and to sweeten the breath, and even the soot became eye makeup and ink for tattoos.

When archeologists opened King Tut’s 3,000-year-old tomb in 1922, it contained jars of still-fragrant frankincense-infused perfume oil.

What can frankincense do for my skin?

Frankincense is definitely tried and tested, with a 5,000-year track record and solid recommendations from “influencers” like King Tut. But what can it do for us now?

Apart from its mystical aroma, frankincense is a skin saviour.

This is due to its naturally occurring compounds, including Boswellic acid, which boasts a bounty of benefits for the skin. Studies show that boswellic acid:

  • inhibits inflammation in the body, making it a wonderful choice for eczema, burns, bites, rashes and other inflammatory skin conditions
  • is wonderful for lymphatic drainage
  • is a cicatrizant: it speeds wound healing through the formation of scar tissue
  • tones and rejuvenates aging skin
  • clears acne
  • minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars
  • displays anti-microbial qualities and can prevent infection and eliminate unwanted bacterial from the skin

Frankincense also delivers a dose of aromatherapy and its woody, comforting fragrance acts on the nervous system to lower stress levels, calm anxiety and promote sleep.

 Nine ways to use frankincense on your skin

Adding fabulous frankincense to your daily skincare routine is a breeze and you’ll soon see the difference.

1. Moisture booster

– Add a few drops of organic Frankincense essential oil  to your existing moisturiser or body lotion
– Use 6 drops of Frankincense essential oil per 30ml for facial products
– Use 12 drops of Frankincense essential oil per 60ml for body products

2. To hydrate ageing skin

Mix 2 drops of Frankincense oil and 2 drops of Lavender oil  to your regular moisturiser.

3. For spots

Add a couple of drops of Frankincense oil to a cotton bud and dab directly onto the spot.

4. To even skin tone and fade age marks

Add 2–4 drops of Frankincense oil to a carrier oil (jojoba or almond). Gently rub into the mark.

5. Facial steam

Add 3 drops Frankincense oil and 2 drops of Geranium oil to a warm face cloth. Press the cloth on your face for up to 30 seconds and breathe deeply, then wipe your face clean.

6. Frankincense toner

Mix Frankincense oil with pure water or witch hazel (6 drops of Frankincense oil per 30ml of water) for a light, uplifting toner and refresher. You can also use this to set your makeup. It is best to use a dark glass spray bottle and shake well before using.

7. Scaly hand soother

Add a few drops of Frankincense oil to your hand cream to hydrate and soften rough skin. The scent will add a warm, spicy note to your hand cream.

8. Fingernail balm

Apply a drop Frankincense oil on your fingernail and gently massage it into the cuticles and ragged edges of your nails to make them strong and healthy.

9. Skin serum with Frankincense oil

Frankincense is one of the eight oils in Derma Botanica No.3, a luxurious skin-nourishing treatment oil blended from 11 botanical oils to replenish and restore moisture to the skin. Derma Botanica No.3 is completely free from synthetic chemicals and revives dull, tired skin, refines texture and restore balances. With just a few drops, your skin will feel so much softer and beautifully supple.

Derma Botanica No.3 can be used as a serum, underneath your usual moisturiser, or alone, instead of your daily or nightly cream.

Derma Botanica No. 3 is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. The multifunctional formulation is packed with potent antioxidants and antibacterials but is gentle on the skin.

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